Monday, 16 September 2019

1. The Lay of St Grimitus (Part One)

In sorrowful Spire are Drow demeaned
By alien Aelfir, that came in conquest
Centuries since.
But below the black boundary hunches the Heart,
Fear-full, Mind’s dark mirror.
Who would dare wander where dark Witches wither?

Daring Delvers, five in friendship,
Summoned to sewers in the City Beneath
By the Sainted Sage. Devout Devora,
Copper-crowned, called noble knights
And crafty comrades to deeply delve
Unto the Red Market, there to release and return
The Spike of St Grimitus to the Vermissian fold.
Grimitus’ gimlet, rail-knight’s ransom,
Brazenly bound to the Incarnadine Carmina.
Strongly strained Devora to divine
Those wondrous words, deftly drawn
From the soaring spirit of Saint Grimitus!

Five, fast in friendship, searched through sewers
For the proven path. Sorrowful Signalman,
Missing memories, forged ever forward
Deeper in darkness. Terrible Tank,
Knight’s companion, onward he walked
Through winding warrens, strong at Signalman’s side.
The muttering Mage, with heartsick Heretic
Gazing grimly forward into the frowzy funnels,
Marked barbarous wards on warren walls
Placed by bandits to mark their mandate,
Their haunts for hunting. Soon came sounds,
Bandits baying, so forward the Vermissian!

Shining shields became a bonded bulwark,
Hammers hefted to fell the foe.
Muttering magick and flintlocks found,
Five stood firm ‘gainst the bawling mob.
Grim was the game of whirling weapons,
Battle-sweat’s bounty flowing freely.
First fell Frater, wearing wounds
Mortal to man. But Tank stood tall,
Vowing vengeance and felling foes.
Doughty delvers, ever forward they forged
Arriving to rest at Sump’s Station.

Then took they their ease, healing their hurt
And proudly boasting as warriors will.

But beat the Heart still, beckoning below,
Ever watchful and welcoming the unwary…

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